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Lake Wanaka

Claire, Majella and I at Puzzling World

Claire and Majella in the room where all the faces follow you

Claire and I in the tilted room - we're standing up straight...

Majella the giant and Claire the pygmy!

Me and the leaning tower of Wanaka

Majella and the Leaning Tower

Claire and the Leaning Tower

We've arrived in Wanaka yesterday and are staying 2 nights before heading off to the west coast to see the Glaciers. Claire caught up with us today, but Hazel has had to leave us and travel on ahead as she leaves Auckland before us. I had a quick wander around the town yesterday and then came back to the hostel and just read a book - I seem to have picked up some sort of a cold bug - probably getting so wet at Milford didn't help either :) To top of my relaxing day yesterday Majella and I went to the Wanaka Cinema - it was great. Apparently it was the old town hall that they have converted into a cinema - all the seating are couches! I managed to get a nice reclining chair and was very comfy throughout the whole movie. We saw Love Actually - good movie :) The other great thing they had at the cinema was warm home-made cookies - they were huge as well and very yummy!

Today we went to Puzzling World which was about a 2km walk outside Wanaka. There's a huge maze and then a display of optical illusions and similar stuff. The Maze was really hard - you had to find all four corners (they were different colours) before you could leave - to make it even harder the maze was 3-d as there were stairs that only went certain ways - very frustrating but I managed to get out in the end! There was also a room there called 'Altered perception' - the room looked normal from the outside but when you stood in one corner you looked like a giant and in the other corner you looked tiny - apparently they used the same technique in lord of the rings - I've got a good picture of Claire and Majella on the room - will put it on the website when I find somewhere to download the photos. We also went in a very weird room that totally altered your sense of perception. We had to walk uphill to get into it and as soon as you got in it was hard to keep your balance - you thought you were standing straight but actually you were leaning forwards a lot - very hard to explain - wait til you see the photo though. There was a pool table in the room and when you rolled a ball it seemed to go upwards (even though in reality it was rolling downhill) - very weird room. I started feeling a bit motion sick after a while! Puzzling world has a website - http://www.puzzlingworld.co.nz/ - might explain it better than I can!

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