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Claire and Majella outside Chateau Franz - our hostel at Franz Josef...

Got to Franz Josef about 4ish yesterday and booked into our hostel - it's very nice. We have a room just for the three of us and just outside is a little lounge area with a very nice fire - even got too hot last night!! Today I was meant to go on a heli-hike - basically a 10 minute helicopter flight up to the top of Franz Josef Glacier, then 2 hour hiking on the Glacier and then fly back home. I was really looking forward to it - unfortunately some cloud has come in and while they can get us up to the top they can't guarentee getting us back - so they're not going ahead with it. I tried to go on another helicopter - just for a 10 minute flight and 10 minutes on the glacier - but that got cancelled too! Guess I'm not meant to go in a helicopter today. We head off at 9am tomorrow so doesn't look like it's going to happen - oh well, guess I saved some money ($260 actually!). Claire and Majella did a full day hike on the glacier today - they're still out there so I'll just have to make do with their photos. Think I'll go and buy a bottle of wine as a consolation prize :)

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