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Thursday, November 29, 2007.

Campers R.V. Park, Columbia, TN

Getting Ready to Leave

Tom worked all day. His afternoon meeting was cancelled so that made things at little more flexible at that point. That was nice. Jonathan and I focused on finishing up his school week and packing clothes for our trip back to Illinois for Christmas.

This evening, we followed Michelle over to Steven's home. Steven is going to store the RV for us, on his land out in the country, since things didn't work out in the other locations. It's a little further out but it still beats paying for the gas to drive it all the way home and winterizing it for the month.

After taking care of that, we went back to the Arby's near the campground for dinner. Emma wasn't feeling well so Michelle took her and Abigail home. We decided to go ahead and take the piano apart and take it over to them so Michelle wouldn't have to make the trip back by herself. They are going to store the piano and Curt is going to use it to practice on while they have it so that worked out well.

We took the pumpkin pie over, had dessert and visited for a while before we said good bye.

Jonathan got to bed late last night so we'll need to get him to bed early tomorrow night if possible.

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