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Tommy and Jonathan in the area of the zoo that focused on...

The Guys! Tom, Jonathan, Tommy and Tom.

Tommy and Jonathan on the back of a tiger! Grrrrr!

Climbing on a shark!

A hammerhead shark at that!

A shot of Lynnette, Jonathan and Tommy watching the penguins from the...


The tortoise is swimming over the manatee.

Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.

We think Tommy and Jonathan liked climbing on the statues more than...

The whole clan. Tom, Deb, Jonathan, Tom, Tommy and Lynnette.

Jonathan and Tommy after a full day.

Two buddies after a full day at the zoo.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Columbus Zoo, Columbus, OH

Smythes and Wyatts at the Columbus Zoo

We got up bright and early at Steve and Sheila's. Sheila made pancakes this morning which was very nice. Steve and Sheila's family were going to be having their Christmas celebration today so our going to Columbus worked out well.

We headed out the door at 8:15 for the Columbus Zoo in Ohio. We had been in touch with the Wyatts the past couple weeks and had been trying to figure out a way to get together that would work around both our schedules and their dog, Carolina's needs. She had just had surgery and it was going to be tough to be away from her for very long.

We arrived at the zoo within ten minutes of one another so we headed in the front gate and started walking from one "continent" to the next. We headed for "North America" first. The boys were so glad to see each other. They gave one another a big hug and just ran and laughed all day long. Tom and Lynnette and Tom and I had a nice visit too. The zoo was pretty quiet most of the day. We could let the boys run a bit while we visited and not have to worry about them getting out of sight. Some of the animals were outside, some were inside and some we just didn't get to see at all, unfortunately, but we still had fun.

Around 3:30, Tom, Lynnette and Tommy had to head out. Our original plan was to stay later and see the lights, ice skate and see the remote control trains but Jonathan was so tired he wanted to head home too so we did.

When we got back we visited with Steve and Sheila for a while and Jonathan got to play video games with Josh and his cousin Caleb. Fun day!

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