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Jonathan gives the RV a Good Bye hug.

And a kiss!

You can see Steve's pole building and goats in the background.

Mr. Cool Dude poses for the camera.

The RV is set and we're ready to hit the road. Thanks...

Friday, November 30, 2007.

Transit from Tennessee to Batesville, IN

Store RV & Drive to Batesville

We got up and packed up the RV, ready to take it over to Steven's house. We pulled up to the front office. Tom was going to top off the propane tank to make sure it would make it through the month of December okay. The person in the office told Tom they had propane yesterday but they were out today, so that started our propane hunt.

I had written the phone number of the propane company down on a piece of paper as we were pulling out of the campground so I called to see if they had another customer in the area on our way to Steven's house. Fortunately, the woman on the phone was very helpful and sent us to a hardware store in Chapel Hill. Pulling into the lot was a bit of a challenge because of a low dip in the blacktop but they decided to bring the RV around to the other side of the store and try it from that angle. That worked out well but Tom said they charged us twice what the Flying J's charge for propane so that wasn't a good thing.

We took what the GPS designated as a truck route to Steven's place. It was a 45 minute drive but a beautiful one. All kinds of pretty Tennessee countryside. Once we arrived, Tom parked the RV and dropped the jacks.

Once we took care of getting the RV set up, we hit the road. We stopped and got lunch at a Wendy's then drove on to Batesville, IN.

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