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Self adjusting solar panel

Fishing pond

Windmill run by solar panel

The sun finally came out today. We have a lot of snow, sleet and ice in the rest of the state, but luckily we're down toward the southeast corner and out of the mountains.

White Sands is a desert composed of gypsum dunes over a 300 square miles area between 2 mountain ranges. At the north edge, about 80 miles north, is the Trinity Site - where the first atomic bomb was detonated in 1945. You can only tour the site on the first Saturday of April and of October. Maybe we'll be near here on the way back.

We're going to get the RV all closed up and ready to travel as we have an appt. at 3:30 today to get the oil and transmission fluid changed nearby, and have a new converter installed to replace our faulty one (which gives me one more reason to return to work in the spring!). Then we'll head out for Deming in the morning - our first official destination. We hope it clears up and dries up so we can park the RV on the small plot of land we own southeast of Deming, about 15 miles north of the Mexican border near the Florida Mountains. If not, we'll stay in an RV park for awhile to see how the weather is going to be. So good not to be on a schedule!

I'll put some pics on here of the park we're in - there is a solar system set up, a windmill and a small fishing pond.

Catch you down the road.

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