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The temples of Pushkar sitting above the ghats of Pushkar.

Some of the Pushkar ghats.

Pushkar viewed from the Pap Mochani Temple.

We all take a rest and watch the sunset on top of...

Having a rest with a farmer and his family during our day...

We line up for a photo with the father (far right) and...

Mother and son ask for their photo to be taken.

A chai wallah at a roadside during one of our tea breaks...

Two villagers who were with the chai wallah.

Leonel takes some photos of children who surround us at a village...

As ever, the children harass us until we take their photos.

Its the woman's job to carry water from the well, and this...

The last time I visited Pushkar was during the madness of the annual camel fair and I'd heard that it was a great place to rest up the rest of the year, and as Pushkar is on the way I'd made up my mind it was worth a visit.

The guys from Bikaner i.e. Leonel, Erin and Paul, and Lindsey were heading the same way so we all arranged to take the overnight bus to Pushkar together. The bus dropped us off at the not too sociable time of 4.30 in the morning, but we were lucky and managed to find ourselves a room stright away.

Pushkar is supposedly one of the oldest cities in India and is centred around an artificial lake which was built during the 12th century. I liked Pushkar a lot and ended up spending more time here than planned.

We hired scooters whilst we were here which we enjoyed so much we did it again the next day. We didn't cover many miles but that wasn't the point, we used the bikes to visit the villages around pushkar and generally got lost in the countryside. I gave a lift to a farmer's son who invited us in to visit his family, which proved to be the highlight of our time with the bikes. We found their stories of life on the farm really interesting, and they fed us with numerous cups of chai and even got out their wedding photos!

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