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Museum Display at the Fort

Another museum display

Wednesday, December 19th

We went to Ft. Huachuca (why-choo-kah) today, which dates back to 1877. Campaigns against Geronimo and Pancho Villa were based out of here, but the most significant thing it's noted for is the 10th U.S. Cavalry, a heroic unit of black soldiers know as the "Buffalo Soldiers." It's currently home to the U.S. Army Intelligence Center/School and Network Technology Enterprise Command. We had to stop and get clearance for the car and ourselves, and then went to the museums. They're currently renovating the old barracks, but they don't seem that old because everything is made out of adobe, so they fit in fairly well with modern adobe housing. It's a huge base, covering 100 sq. miles, and has several "housing villages" as well as lots of barracks for the single service people, which are also made out of adobe. The adobe homes around here all seem more "square" than we're used to, I think because they have the flat roofs.

We also stopped at the RV candy store, and Bob got a couple things, and when we got back to Benson, we sat at the library do check our mail and upload our blog.

We plan to go to the Biosphere, north of Tucson, on Thursday.

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