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Bob driving (steering) wagon

Covered wagon ride

Heldorado setting

December 22 - December 25 - Trip to Tombstone

Drove down to Tombstone today - about 23 miles away. Aside from the Gunfight at the OK Corral, it has a very interesting history. It was an old mining town, and originally the capital of Arizona. The town burned three times, the mines closed down due to water buildup, and the capital was moved - and still they have survived. They've really done a super job in keeping the old west era alive in the old part of town and restored a lot of that part of town so it seems like you're really back in those times. They have a re-enactment of the Shootout right where it actually happened, as well as a comedy skit of a gunfight in Heldorado Town and historama of the town. And they have really good ice cream cones - Bob's was chocolate of course, and I had a Reese's peanut butter one. We only spent a few hours there, so we'll go back again and do some more exploring when we head down to Bisbee in a few days. Haven't seen Boot Hill yet or the courthouse.

Haven't done much since then - just went shopping, laundry and out to eat. Had Christmas dinner at Denny's Restaurant. They didn't have "real" turkey, so we settled for chicken...

Hope everyone had a happy holiday.

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