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Lunch with the gang at China Buffet. BR - Charles, Judy, Mona,...

A silly shot!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Ottawa, IL

Lunch with The Rock Gang

We went to church early this morning because Jimmy had said he was going to be short handed with regards to setting up. Jamie and Carrie were out of town for her brother's wedding this weekend. As it turned out, Jimmy was going to be leading worship by himself, so we got to join him. That was fun. Jimmy picked some of my favorite songs too. I think that was intentional on his part! Anyway, it was great worshipping as a team like that.

We went to lunch at China Buffet after church with McCorkles and Charles and Judy. Alexis joined us too. Again, another nice time. Then it was back to Jimmy and Mona's house to just relax and visit some more for the afternoon. Great day.

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