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We stopped at the look out point as we were headed into...

Trying to catch the light of the sun on the ice in...

Jonathan is crunching through the top layer of snow.

Having fun. SNOW!

Ice on the oak tree.

The tree glistens as the sun sets behind it.

A view of the rest stop and down into the valley in...

Back on the road.

Cattle in the valley.

Pretty scenery along the way.

Downtown Galena.

Tommy and me. We thought this sign was appropriate.

Uncle Jimmy's. Jonathan has an uncle Jimmy but we have a friend...

This was Jonathan's "You Gotta Be Kidding" face. I think we had...

Friday, December 14, 2007.

Galena, IL Area

Driving Up to See Tom's Family.

We headed out for Wisconsin around noon today. It was going to be about a four hour drive up to Dubuque which was where Tom had made hotel reservations. The GPS sent us up Route 30 the whole was which was a new route. It ended up taking us a little longer but was a pretty drive. The north half of Illinois had gotten a layer of ice in the past couple days and it was beautiful on the trees with the sun shining on it. The roads had been taken care of but the trees were still glistening.

We got to Galena around 4:30. I knew Tom had something up his sleeve but I had no idea what. When we arrived, he told me he had brought me to shop and take us out to dinner. Wow! What a nice surprise.

Tom grew up in Wisconsin about 30 minutes from here. I'd always want to stop in Galena on the way up to the farm but he didn't want to because Galena wasn't anything special to him. This was where he came to visit his cousins once in while. Nothing special, just another town in northwest Illinois. Galena has spruced up it's downtown area and is full of little shops of all kinds. It was all decorated for Christmas. It was just fun walking down the street window shopping. We had to go into Poopsies though. I had seen that billboard along the highway and wondered what kind of shop it was. Now I know. They just have a little bit of everything.

We went to Log Cabin for dinner. A very nice dinner too! Tom and I ordered steaks, Jonathan wanted a grilled cheese. We should have just done that. Tom and I convinced him to order another baked potato and soup and share Tom's steak. Jonathan always seems to want Tom's dinner anyway so Tom thought he'd beat him to the punch. Jonathan said "Okay". When dinner arrived though, Jonathan kept looking for his grilled cheese. We should have just kept it simple. Lesson learned.

Dinner was delicious. Tom said his dad used to bring them there when they were kids. I decided my dessert was a stop at the fudge shop back up the street. One or two pieces of chocolate and I would be set! It was a great evening.

We arrived at Timmerman's Hotel later and got settled into the room. Tomorrow we will go to Sandy's house around 1:00 and have Christmas with them.

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