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Jonathan and Flat Robbie in front of Grandma's Christmas tree.

Saturday, December 22, 2007.

Mom's House, University Park, IL

Flat Robbie Arrives in the Mail

When the mail arrived at Mom's house today, Jonathan had a 9x12 envelope from a boy named Robbie whom we had connected with on the Families On The Road Group. His mom was asking if anyone had read the book Flat Stanley and if they would be willing to host a Flat Stanley for a while.

In the book, the main character, Stanley, has his bulletin board fall on him while he's sleeping and he wakes up flat. He goes through life like this and finds he can do many things that ordinary boys and girls can not do. He can travel by being mailed for starters!

This boy chose to take a picture of himself and put his face on the flat body therefore, we are hosting Flat Robbie. :-) You will see Flat Robbie from time to time in our pictures so Robbie is able to see some of the places Flat Robbie has been able to travel with us.

Robbie is eight years old and lives in Campbellton, New Brunswick. He tells us that New Brunswick's official bird is the black-capped chickadee and their official flower is the purple violet. Their flag is a golden lion on a red background to represent their connection with Great Britain and the royal family of Brunswick-Luneberg. New Brunswick capital is Fredericton. A great percentage (85%) of New Brunswick is covered with forests and the official tree is the Balsam Fir which is used in 97% of New Brunswick homes for the Christmas tree. The potato is the main crop in New Brunswick. Dulse is a tasty seaweed that grows in the water off the coast of New Brunswick. The first ice cream cone was invented by Walter Donelly, a baker who lived in New Brunswick.

Robbie goes on to tell us how much he likes playing video games, climbing trees, playing basketball and ride his bike. We plan to take pictures and put them on the website whenever we can. So watch for Flat Robbie and Jonathan in future posts.

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