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Wednesday, May 23, 2007.

Lazydays RV Dealer

Sefner, FL

They've been working on the RV the past few days getting it ready for us. Today they had us come over to the sight so they could walk us through everything to make sure we knew how it all worked. We'll stay here a day or two and live in it in case there are any problems or questions.

We brought a couple sets of sheets and some kitchen and bath towels along with us. We have a few pots, pans and dishes in order to make due long enough to get us home. It's hard to believe this is all really happening.

While we've been waiting for them to get the RV done we've come over to swim in the pool. One night Tom accidentally jumped in with his phone still in his pocket. Ooops. We've spent some time walking around the grounds looking through some of the other RVs they have on display. They're all really nice. Brand new costs a lot more then used though. We feel like we make the right decision.

The love bugs have been out while we've been going through this process. They come out once or twice a year in this area of the country. They pair up which is the reason for their name. I guess they can really do a number on the paint of your vehicle if you don't get them off right away.

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