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Friday, May 25, 2007.

Pensacola, Florida.

Leaving Lazydays, Headed for Texas

We drove all day today. Tom had the Yukon outfitted with towing equipment before we came down "just in case". We are towing the Yukon behind us and will be using the minimum bedding, towels and cookware we brought to get by on for the next week.

Tonight we reached Pensacola around 10:45. We stayed in a rest stop near the Air Force Base for the night. We will get up in the morning and get back on the road headed for Dallas.

We decided to go ahead and stop to see Tom's brother and his family while we were down in the area. Tom's boss was wonderful and told him that as long as he was available and called into his meetings not to worry about being online all day long. That gave us so much more flexibility so that was great.

We arrived at the campground in Dallas at 9:55. The only reason we remember the time so well is because the highway was being redone and the GPS kept telling us to go one way and the highway didn't do that anymore. We ended up on a side road and just calling the campground. We stayed there for the Memorial Day weekend. Jonathan ended up getting sick Sunday night though so we weren't able to get together on Monday after all.

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