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Thursday, June 7, 2007.

Livingston, TX

CDL License

We have been enjoying our time in Texas. We've spent time getting a few things in place in the RV and time exploring the park.

Jonathan loves riding his scooter around the postal building parking lot after everyone leaves at the end of the day.

We have met some great people. There's a couple across the street by the names of Rich and Carol Carpenter. Jonathan likes to bring them special rocks and Rich lets him climb on his truck. A woman by the name Paulette is next door. They all seem to be great people.

Jonathan wanted to have a party the other night. Tom and I were a little hesitant because we didn't have anything to serve food on or cook in but figured we could order pizza and make a salad. We told Jonathan he could invite them. He wrote a story the next morning about the evening that was really cute.

Hopefully we will see them again in the future.

It's been a little nerve wracking trying to get an appointment for Tom's license taken care of because of the weather but he was able to get it taken care of today. At one point we talked about Jonathan and I driving home by ourselves so we could start packing the house up. The moving date is getting closer and closer. Fortunately things worked out today.

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