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Haven't done a lot this week. Tuesday we drive to Tucson and went to the casino - Bob won and I lost, but we came out pretty even after 3-1/2 hours. We got lost 3 times (twice my fault and once Bob's) but made it home okay. Bob fixed something on the water heater, and I've done laundry a couple times. We've been walking twice a day and plan to be practically invisible by the time we get home in the spring.

Thursday Bob took the car in for an oil change, and we ended up with a $321 bill! Got new oil, fuel and air filters, a new gasket cover and had the tires rotated. Guess we can't complain as it's the first money we've put in it in 4 years...

We checked the next week's forecast and it's going to be just as cool over in Quartzsite, so we decided to stay here another week - where we have electricity to run our electric blanket at night! The water froze again last night - it was down in the teen's - but luckily it was just the hose leading to the RV and nothing inside froze.

Bob changed the thermostat in the water heater, and then we went out for Mexican tonight (Friday) - great change from our diet. We have 3 days off before we start on our 11-day menu again, so we're going to enjoy it.

We'll try to get out and take some more pictures this week for the blog.

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