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View from our front door

The road to Bisbee

Red dirt near Bisbee


Still not doing much - just enjoying retirement. Went out for pizza Saturday night and we go to Walmart almost daily as our excitement, since we've seen most of the touristy things around here during our month's stay (except for actually going into Tucson - which is way too busy for us).

We learned of the death of our old friend Andy Klein last weekend, and will miss the old fart.

We will get out and take more pictures around here yet this week, but I'll put a few more on here of the 4000 or so we've taken. We love the architecture and adobe buildings around here and will take pics of those, and the scenery is growing on us. The mountains can be quite beautiful at certain times of the day. But I really miss "real grass". We're starting to get way too fond of this little town we're staying in, and it's nice to only be a mile away from all the stores but still be out in the boonies.

We'll have to take a half day to rent a shampooer and clean our carpets before taking off. Want to get it done while we're close to a Walmart as we'll probably be 40-80 miles away from one in Quartzsite and Niland.

We'll be headed out on Saturday morning and take a roundabout way, and we'll take a couple days driving to Quartzsite. We plan to stay either in Why (which has a casino...) or Gila Bend on Saturday night, and reach Quartzsite Sunday afternoon. So it'll be Tuesday or so before we get our satellite dishes set back up.

Quartzsite is a haven for RV'ers - especially in January. They have gem shows, rock shows, RV/boat shows, etc. and jillions (literally) of people come and park in the dessert (boondocking). We plan to spend a month there - with no hookups of any kind. We'll use our solar panels for power to run our computers/TV, coffee pot, microwave, etc. We have a 30-gallon water tank in our car trunk so we can drive to town and get water when we run out. They have a "honey wagon" that comes around so we can have our waste emptied, and we have a catalytic heater that runs on a 20# LP propane tank for our heat that also can be refilled in town whenever.

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