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Napier by night - view from our hostel room

Well the rain has followed us to Napier - it absolutely poured rain while we were on the bus from Wellington to Napier. We went along a road called Gorge road - that was cut out of the mountains so has mountains on one side and a sheer drop to the river on the other - it was only re-opened last week after the February floods. As we drove along I could still see where all the landslides had occurred - pity the poor guys trying to repair the roads in the pouring rain!

Napier is famous for it's Art Deco style buildings - basically a massive earthquake (7.8 on the richter scale) flattened the town in 1931 so when it was all re-built it was done so in the style of the times - hence the art deco buildings. It's on the coast as well and I'd say it would be a beautiful place to visit when the weather is nice - in the rain it's a bit boring - we had a quick look at the shops (managed to buy some summer clothes!) and then hibernated in the hostel - actually spent the night watching Simpsons and Extreme Makeover :)

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