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Tuesday, February 12, 2008.

Topsail Campground, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Morning Beach Walk and Yukon to the Shop

Liz and I met at 7:30 this morning and walked on the beach. It was a nice way to get the day started and nice to have another mom to walk and talk with.

When I got back, I took the Yukon to the shop. The campground had given me a card of an auto shop in the area. The guy was great. He took the Yukon down to the local church parking lot and listened for the sounds we had been hearing. Of course, the sounds weren't there. He even suggested I drive it to see if I could make it do it but no. We took it back to the shop. He greased a couple things for us and said to bring it back if the problem arose again while we were in town. Didn't charge us a thing. Jonathan and I had been waiting in the office while he was taking care of a few things. He had plaques all over the office wall from the church softball league he had coached and played on over the years. Another woman came in and was saying that they were a family owned business and were honest and fair. I think God sent an angel to watch out for us today.

We did school stuff when I got back then met up with the Thorsteds a little later in the afternoon so the boys could play. When Mike, Liz's husband, got done with work, he took the boys down to the beach for a little while and we visited on their patio. We met Betsy, their neighbor. Another family on the road. Her husband has six months in between jobs so they decided to take off and see the country. They have an eleven year old and five year old boy. We are planning to get all three families together later in the week.

Auto Service provided by...

Beach Technical Service

Matthew Babcock

46 Shannon Lane

Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459


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