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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Top Sail Campground, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Playing with the Throsteds

Today was a fun day. I started off with school work. It was fun.

Elias and I played and rode our bikes. Then Gabriel came out and all of us played together. That, I tell you, was a blast. Elias asked his dad about going to the beach. He said yes. So after he was done working we rode our bikes to the beach. Gabriel and I rode ahead of Elias. We talked while we were riding our bikes. Then we arrived at the beach. We dug a hole in the dunes. It was cool! Then their dad said to us "Five more minutes and then we're leaving". Ding dong five minutes up, ha ha ha. We walked out from the beach. We got on our bikes and left. On the way to the Thorsteds RV we almost got chased by a night hunting panther. And I'm not kidding. We saw glowing red eyes. It was a good thing Gabriel and me pedaled away fast enough. When we arrived at their campsite, we went home on our bikes. Then I went to bed.

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