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Arriving at the Tiffin Paint Plant. We put our safety goggles on...

The motto is posted at the front entrance.

The RVs are painted in a silver metallic color then have the...

This is what an RV looks like before it goes into the...

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Jonathan stands behind one that has been completed and is on it's...

This is an Allegro Bus sitting in the paint booth. The technicians...

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Thursday, February 21, 2008.

Allegro Campground, Red Bay, AL

Tour of Allegro Painting Plant & Met Tanner

We did our usual morning routine with work and school stuff. Jonathan and I went on what we thought was going to be a factory tour of the Tiffin Plant. It was a factory, but not quite what we expected. This was the plant where they do all the painting of the rigs and the graphics. They gave us safety goggles and ear plugs but beyond that it was pretty much a self guided tour. We learned as we were walking around that the main maunfacturing plant gives a more formal tour so we'll try things again tomorrow. It was very interesting watching the process here though.

Tom had made a 2:00 appointment with someone who works on Freightliner Chassis to do general maintenance. We pulled up stakes around 1:15 to get the RV to them and thought that perhaps the three of us might be able to catch the 2:00 plant tour together. Well, we ended up in the wrong place again after following the GPS so once we got things squared away, it was too late to go on the tour. We'll make it eventually.

While we waited for the work to be done on the RV, the couple's grandson got home from school. He spends afternoons with them. Tanner and Jonathan hit it off. They played and played. They played with the dog, Biscuit. They played on the dirt piles out in the field and watched cartoons together for a while too. They invited us back so the boys could play some more before we left so I think we'll try to make it a point to do that. I wish we had thought to get a couple pictures. We have to go back next week to have one more thing done. They just ran out of time tonight so I'll have to remember to do that then.

We brought the RV back to the campground and got it set then went looking for the BBQ place that had been mentioned earlier. No luck. We ended up at McDonalds. Jonathan liked the way that worked out. We were walking out and the couple who host the campground here waved at us. They were out with a group of friends for a bite to eat too. Small world.

Tom is behind me on the couch with Jonathan, tucking him in. I just heard Jonathan say "You're snoring" though so I think we'll be calling it a night soon and retiring to the back room. ;-)

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