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Jonathan came in this morning with all his hats on at once....

Tuesday, February 26, 2008.

Allegro Campground, Red Bay, AL

A Good Day

Today was focused on having a great school day. Jonathan really buckled down and focused on what he needed to get done so it made for a fun day too. We read together, snuggled a lot and he posted another writing on the web site about his memories of Kennedy Space Center.

I went over to the repair building to find out about possibly getting a new couch ordered and installed. We are hoping we can get a hide-a-bed couch for the livingroom. That should give us a little more flexibility with regards to sleeping accomodations. If Tom has to work late, he can sleep in here. If we want to put Jonathan to bed early, we can both sleep in here. If we have guests, it gives us a little more flexibility. We'll see what they say.

Tonight has been a quiet evening. I've been playing on the web page and we've been watching T.V. a bit.

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