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Wednesday, February 27, 2008.

Allegro Campground, Red Bay, AL

Doing Our Homework

We did our usual moring routine. Tom had his daily meeting first thing this morning and Jonathan and I focused on academics. We had a great day in that sense.

We spent the rest of the day asking questions and doing our homework on what we wanted to have done when our turn came up in the garage. They told us last week that they may get us in on Thursday or Friday this week so we wanted to be ready. We ran back and forth asking questions and talking to different people. One man stopped by the RV after he was done with work to take a look at a couple things for us as well.

We have talked to the RV dealer across the street that does some of the custom work for people in the area. We were thinking about a desk/table where the keyboard is as a means of tucking it away but at the same time provide a table top to work on. Another thought was a cabinet by the breakfast table to hold the computers when meal time came up and add additional storage but after coming back and thinking about the ideas that came up in those conversations, we don't feel they are really necessary at this time. We were thinking about a hide-a-bed couch too but the price tag on that was pretty steep so we're going to pass on that for now as well. It's good to know what the cost would be if we decided to do these things down the road but we're just going to get the necessary repairs done at this time.

We literally ran out of water this afternoon and were getting low on groceries so while I went grocery shopping, Tom took the RV over to the dump site and took care of dumping and filling the tanks again. We were just a day short of getting by for a whole week on our tank of water. Not bad. (Showers WERE taken in the bath house. Ha!)

We rented a few movies the other day. Jonathan really likes the movie "Underdog" so we watched it again this evening before we have to take it back tomorrow.

The goals for tomorrow will be to do school stuff while the laundry is washing then close things up and take the RV back over to the Freightliner shop by 2:00. They didn't have time to finish everything last week so we'll go do that tomorrow afternoon and evening. Jonathan will be thrilled. His buddy Tanner will probably be there and now that his eye is better they should be able to play together. (He's had a stye.) He's kind of tired of being cooped up after the past couple days.

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