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Friday, February 29, 2008.

Allegro Campground, Red Bay, AL

We're Called Into the Repair Bays!

Norris knocked on our door this morning at 7:15 to let us know they had a "no-show" in the bays and that it was our turn. We got ready as quick as we could and made it over to Bay 15 by 7:45.

We were met at the door by Charles who walked around with us and looked at each item on our list. That took close to an hour. Charles told us we could stay in the RV so that was nice. We didn't expect that. Tom continued to work from the RV as usual. We had told Jonathan we would go out for breakfast so he held us to that. Jonathan and I went to McDonald's and had breakfast there then brought something back for Tom.

Tom was in meetings so Jonathan and I headed back on the bed and read to one another for a while. When we were finished, I told Jonathan he could take a break for a little while. He took the camera out and took some pictures of the rig while we were in the bay so today's photography is courtesy of him.

Jonathan had a little bit of written work to do so he finished that up. He wrote about family this week and did a great job. Maybe we'll post that on the site sometime. When he was finished, Jonathan wanted to watch a movie. While he was watching, he came up with the idea of having a party. He made signs inviting people to come into the RV and join him for the movie and snacks. I tried to explain to him that the people who work here may not be able to do that because they were working. Their boss may not like it if they came in to watch a movie and have snacks. Jonathan then made another sign that said "RV people are invited". I thought he posted the signs up in the window but when I walked outside the RV, I found them posted on the front of the RV just below the windshield. :-)

The guys finished working on the RV about 3:30 so we took the rig back over to the campsite and got things set back up. By the time we were finished and Tom was done with work, it was about 6:30. We decided to go to out for dinner at a Chinese restaurant we had seen in town a few days ago.

We will be taking the RV back into Bay 15 again first thing Monday morning and they will continue working on the items left on the list. All the people we came into contact with were just great.

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