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Monday, March, 3 2008.

Allegro Campground, Red Bay, Alambama

Helen Keller

Today we went to Helen Keller's Birthplace. When we arrived we took some pictures then we went inside. When we got into the house there was a big staircase. We got a tour of the downstairs. Then we went upstairs. We saw all the bedrooms, then we went out back. There was a cottage. We looked. Then we walked in the garden and found lots of gifts.

After that we went to the Children's Museum. They were closed, so we went to the park instead. I did tons of tricks on my scooter.

When we left we went to the Coon Dog Cemetery. There were a lot of dogs buried there. Coon dogs are very special in Alabama because everybody likes to hunt around here.

Okay this is going to be funny. On the way home we raced a dog. He was a fast. When we came to a dead end we turned around. We saw flames on the side of the road because the forest preserve was doing a controlled burn. We arrived at home. Finally.

My day was a fun and confusing day.

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