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Thursday, March 6, 2008.

Allegro Campground, Red Bay, Alabama

Repairs and Getting Together with Swindlings

We let Jonathan wake up slow this morning. We pulled the slides in but left the couch down and let him ride over to the bay while he was still in bed.

We spent the day in the shop. We started out in Bay 42. We were going to have them look at some mechanical items but the coach wouldn't make the noise we had been hearing for them so we moved on to the next item. We had them take a look at how the coach was riding from front to back. They ended up lowering the front and raising the back about an inch and a half so we'll see how it handles when we take it on a test drive this weekend.

We went back to the campsite for a few hours then they had us head back over to Bay 15 where we have spent most of the week with Charles. They finished up the rest of the items on the repair list today so we won't be called back into the shop until sometime next week when they are ready to work on touching up the paint.

Once we were out of the shop, Ricky came over and Jonathan and him played games for a while. We had made plans to get together to go out for dinner tonight so the boys played until 5:30 then we headed for Oh!Bryans, the local family restaurant. The food was pretty good. We went back to Rick and Vicky's RV and visited for a while after we got back from dinner.

Jonathan is in bed now. Tom is working on the computer and I will be headed to bed shortly.

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