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Friday, March 7, 2008.

Allegro Campground, Red Bay, AL

An Overnight and Date Night

Tom dialed into work this morning. Things seem to be getting a little better at work in some ways but still the same in others. Continue to keep him in your prayers please.

Jonathan and I had a different kind of morning. He was just wiped out from having to get up early all week so we let him sleep as late as he could. When I got up, he was awake but still in bed. I crawled back in his bed with him and we spent a good chunk of the morning doing our reading in our pajamas snuggled under the covers.

We had lunch around 11:30 then he went over to see if Ricky could play. They played games for a little while then went outside to play frisbee, Army and throw rocks.

Ricky's parents had asked if Jonathan could spend the night sometime. Tom and I had talked about it after spending time with them last night and decided it was alright. Jonathan packed his backpack lastnight because he was so excited.

Rick and Ricky were going to go to the store so Vickie stopped by to see if there was anything we needed. They picked up a gallon of milk for us. She asked if we would like to come over for hot chocolate. I thought it sounded like fun but Tom said he was thinking about using the time to go out for dinner, just the two of us.

I called Vickie to let her know. We don't get the opportunity to do that very often so they understood. We ended up going to the little Mexican Restaurant down the street that they had mentioned earlier in the week. It was good. While we were in there it snowed. The gentleman that took our bill said the last time it snowed in Red Bay was seven years ago.

We headed home and just relaxed for the rest of the evening.

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