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El Paso Civic Center where we boarded the trolley

Rotary International Monument in Juarez


Nice home

Main Street through town

Mercado Market

Food court

Friendly waiter

Mexican Pizza!

Rio Grande

Mexican and American Flags on the border

Waiting to cross into US

The Dragon behind stone wall of RV Park

We were warned by many that traveling into Juarez, Mexico was very dangerous. Drug wars were going on and people were being shot everyday. I had never been to Mexico so I really wanted to cross over. We decided to take the Puddle Jumper Trolley and stay in the tourist area to be safe. We boarded the trolley at 10 am at the Civic Center. The Rio Grande was barely a trickle and it would be no trick to walk across except for the high fences with barbed wire. Downtown Juarez is depressing. Many deteriorated buildings and the signs of poverty everywhere. It was obvious that building regulations that we're used to do not exist down there. We walked along a sidewalk where some demolition was being done on a building and there were bricks flying down onto the sidewalk with no protection for the pedestrians. We carefully moved quickly past. We stopped at a bank to exchange some dollars just in case we needed pesos. We got 420 pesos for 40 dollars. We walked about 10 blocks down the main streets and stopped at a couple of shops. We wound up at the Mercado Market and had a bite to eat before exploring the market and it's many vendors. We had been told that you never pay the price offered and boy was it true. We haggled and negotiated and got our few purchases for 1/3 to 1/2 the asking price. We got back on the trolley and traveled slowly back across the border. There were no checks going into Mexico but coming back into Texas we had to get off the trolley, show our passports and answer questions by the border patrol. It was an interesting day and we were glad to be back at our home on wheels for a relaxing evening.

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