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Hi From Auckland,

The plane ride wasn't bad at all. We both 'kinda' slept. Air New Zealand is a great airline. They are very polite and had pretty good food. Food was at about 9 PM for dinner and then breakfast was at around 3:30 AM. It kinda worked . I feel pretty good ...just hungry for lunch right now. It is around 10:30 AM now. We got in at about 5:30 am their time.

It took us less than 15 minutes to go thru customs. ITt took another hour to get the rental car.

Oh my! It is different driving on the left side of the road and on the right side of the car! We had a great tour of Auckland because we couldn't find the hotel..Finally we found it.. thank god! I feel pretty good just hungry for lunch right now. We are at a Best Western close to downtown Auckland.

...Up the street was a nice little cafe. There happened to be a framshop just up the street from the Hotel....K S Thompson LTD. I told him who I was and where I was from. He said "Would you like to buy a frameshop and move to New Zealand?" I told him .."uh not at this time".

We visited for awhile and I noticed he had a Wizard Computerized Mat ours. He asked how much we paid for ours . I told him around 14 thousand.

He said his cost 22 thousand. We have noticed many things are much more here. Coke was $8.39 New Zealand for 8 smaller size cans.

We went out again in the rental car and explored Auckland. It seems most roads are curves...We also keep both turning on the windshield wipers for the turn signal. I am sure when the locals drive by they point and laugh...."Ah another tourist"!

We are going to head out to the countryside tomorrow.

There are many different ethnic communities here.

Very colorful buildings and signs. I don't think they have many sign ordinances........

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