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Hi again,

Well on the road again. We picked up a Toyata Yaris....and without a GPS....sniff.... We left Adelaide around noon Bobby ,Shoshana and th boys. We had good maps to get to Princes Highway. We took Nadav in our rental car. Nadav was our personal GPS. " is 10 kilometres to Murray Bridge" ...."Grandma are we there yet?" , "How many hours?" As we drove along he was very patient and a good little companion though. He would say "I love nature" in a wistful voice as we passed the sea.

This is a note from Nadav about our trip:

( How I thought about the trip was cold. And I noticed is that we had to stay in the car for

a long time the day we first started. When we got there it was night time for us. when we

got out of the car i jumped with joy. I loved the house that we were in the last night.

In the car I was waiting for hours. I had to wait untill 7:00 at night. The house was

as beutiful as I say I love the house so mutch that it was making me go straght in.

....bye Nadav )

Much of the drive was through low dry brush and Gum trees. Gum trees are all over. They lose their bark and have white trunks. The first part of Princes highway was a freeway. ..but further down it became 2 lane along the South Sea.. through Kingston, Millicent, and so on. It was about a 7 hour drive. One thing we have noticed here and New Zealand is they don't have rest areas like we do in the USA. They have little signs with a tree and a picnic table...and that is what it is not much bathrooms or as they say here toilets. I also saw many signs with a dereck shape. These were water wells. So... you have to stop in the small road side towns for bathroom stops. Another thing unique are all the Kangeraroo crossing signs. No Kangeroos jumped in front of the car thnaks goodness....but I had my camera at the ready! There were also Koala signs.

Today we will tour the Portland area will will follow the coast on the Ocean road. and we hear it is quite beautiful....can't wait.

Judy and Bob

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