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Erik "The Lizard Boy" at a festival at the park headquarters

Carly "The Butterfly Girl" at a festival at the park headquarters

Up the Mountain to where the good rocks are

I'm in charge. Dig!

Erik claims this is a tarantula. Only he could dig up a...

Rock Hounds at ork

Rock Puppies at work

The view from the mountain where we were digging. Our camper's down...

Another view from the top.

Gambel's Quail

More Gambel's Quail, The one with the dark crown is the male.

Purty bird.

Camp Bunny

The Rock Shop

Geodes like what we were looking for by the thousands


Sunset.. Different settings.. still learning

Erik reading "Snow White" to Carly

4/11-13/2008 Rock Hound State Park

We spent a couple of days rock hounding in the park. The area where you look for rocks is a pretty strenuous hike up the side of a mountain to an outcropping of Perlite and other Rock. The kids really enjoyed the hike probably because it was over rocky terrain, which was somewhat treacherous close to the top. They also enjoyed digging for rocks and learning about them which was a surprise. Some of the material found was Jasper, White Opal, Perlite, and Agate.

One of the coolest parts of the rock hounding was the location. It was close to the top of a mountain that overlooked the valley where the campground was located. It was breathtaking.

The camping and surrounding area were teaming with Gambel’s Quail. Some even stopped long enough for pictures. Of course there were also resident camp bunnies.

On the way out, we stopped at a rock shop. What made it interesting was that it basically was an old shack that housed two guys who were the proprietors, cut geodes laid out on old tables in the middle and all of their cutting equipment. Outside, there were thousands of uncut geodes lying around accompanied by about 30 fully operational solar panels. It was surreal. I wonder where they kept the dynamite for the mining.

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