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Beautiful Bermuda...still arguably the best beaches in the world!

Back with the girls on the rock for a night out

Jackie's birthday - another easy excuse for a big night out

Another evening, another night out at another restaurant!

Lunch at Mickey's on Elbow Beach

Squeezing in one last early night out for happy hour before I...

The long journey back to the UK began, from the Cook Islands to LA, then straight onto New York, where I had was supposed to take my final flight to the UK. Then I decided I couldn't pass by Bermuda without stopping off, so managed to fit in four nights on the rock. I had a great few days catching up with friends and somehow bringing my journey full circle, right back to my initial decision to head off to Malaysia all those months before. I rounded up the week with a quick 'Happy Hour' at the Hamilton Princess on the Friday and I was on the overnight flight to London...and a fresh start!

'Own only what you can carry with you; know language, know countries, know people. Let your memory be your travel bag.'

Alexander Solzhenitsyn(1918-)

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