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Judy and Kangaroo

Koala sign

Bob and Emu



Judy and Koala


From Mt Lofty

Tasmanian Devil

Bob and Kagaroo

Dingo Sign

No Dingo



Kangaroo and baby

Cleland Reserve and Mount Lofty are just 20 minutes from Adelaide.

The reserve was great. We saw many animals and got up close views. We even petted a Koala and a Kangaroo. It is a wonderful green reserve. Adelaide is lucky to have it. It was easy to walk through with many signs telling us what we were looking at. We loved the bird aviary too. I got a few pictures. I have not been lucky enough to get too many bird pics in the wild...they are just too fast!

Emus were just walking around and Kangaroos were everywhere. They come right up to you wanting to be fed. The Koalas were very soft and sweet.We also saw dingos and a Tasmanian Devil. The Tasmanian Devil just ran and ran. It was very hard to get a picture of it. Bandicoots had free range of the area.

We then traveled about 1 km to Mt Lofty. It has a spectacular view of the Adelaide area. We got a much better idea of the layout of the place. It was very green up there and Adelaide is greening up with their recent rains. Most seem very happy with the moisture.

Everyone notices we are Americans and ask about our trip so far.

Judy and Bob

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