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The sign at the Visitor Center at the White Sands National Monument.

Whoa Dudes, CAN"T STOP!

Monday, May 12, 2008.

Countryside RV Park, Apache Junction, AZ

White as White as It Can Be - White Sands National Monument

One day we went to White Sands National Monument. First we went to the Visitor's Center and found out where to go. We watched a movie about plants, nature's animals and much more. We stamped our passport with the White Sands National Monument stamp. The stamp told you what date you arrived. Once we were done with the Visitor's Center, we drove out onto the white sands.

We stopped at one of the interest points. We walked on the path to the playa. It's a big area the mountains provide water for to make a lake. When we were there, the lake was all dried up. We got to walk on the bed of it. The bed of the lake was full of granite sand particles.

We jumped in our car and went to the bridges. We walked along the bridges and that created lots of static because there was plastic beneath our feet. The static built up energy in my body and I touched Dad. Ouch! We shocked each other. We saw lizard and roadrunner tracks.

My favorite part of the day was sledding on the sand dunes. We climbed up the sand dune and we were tired because it was a long way up. We got on our sleds and went Wheeeeee! We went home after that. The whole day was great. The End.

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