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San Jose...Sami enjoying some of my fried mushrooms - proper mushrooms for...

Jack digs into some veggie food at last

What Sami calls my best smile... where food is concerned!

Liberia... running into a festival

The typical Tico programme... lots of design involved you can see!

Paraders samba-ing by...

Food caterers

Meeting up with Sami again - after a day of absence! But, missed him all the time! Had a quick lunch with Sam Sam and Jacks Jacks, then met up with Taj. The boys were heading to a different bus terminal to go north-east towards the Carribean town of Puerto Viejo for a little break.

As for me, I was going north west, to Liberia, and then onwards to Honduras, via Nicaragua. There was a big annual festival in Liberia - what a good opportunity for me to get some ideas for our own festival and learn more how a festival is put together!

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