Bayou Bound and traipsing through Texas Hill Country, 2008 travel blog

Old stone wall fence

Abandoned homestead

A beauty even today

Old windmill

Original stone wall and house

1854 residence occupied by descendents

Another abandoned home

An old home

Towns with names like Fredricksburg, New Braunfels, Bergheim and Boerne reveal the Germanic influence and still bear the imprint of their German roots. Houses and buildings have a distinctively German style and the restaurants all serve German foods. Bearded old men, wearing cowboy boots and jeans, sit at their stammtisch conversing in old German dialect. This is German cowboy country in Texas.


It began in 1842 when a group of noblemen purchased large tracts of land and created towns for German immigrants. When it became apparent that the fierce Comanche Indians in the area were unwilling to relinquish their land, Baron von Meusebach negotiated a treaty with the Comanche chiefs that allowed the German colonists to live in peace.

It is generally believed that this is the only treaty between native Indians and European colonists that has never been broken.

This is celebrated every May on Founder's Day in Fredricksburg. Founders Day celebration is a great German heritage festival and an Indian powwow that always includes a meeting between the surviving descendants of Baron von Meusebach and the descendants of the Comanche chiefs that negotiated the original treaty. Gifts are exchanged, the peace pipe is smoked, and the treaty is reaffirmed.

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