Bayou Bound and traipsing through Texas Hill Country, 2008 travel blog

Tribute marker

Pool and concession buildings in Balmohrea state park

Concession building at Bastrope state park

Pavillion at Palmetto state park

Concession building at Palmetto

Water tower

Working hydraulic Ram

The Civilian Conversation Corps was created by President Roosevelt in answer to a cry for help from a desperate people near panic. They needed an end to the rampant unemployment and economic chaos that gripped the country. The president, who planned a fight against soil erosion and declining timber resources, utilized the unemployed of large urban areas throughout the country. The CCC enrollees were credited with renewing the nation's decimated forests by planting an estimated three billion trees from 1933 to 1942. It gave the men back their sense of worth and self esteem and turned out a lot of good people that were saved during the depession.

The Hydraulic Ram This pump is one of the few operational ram-jet pumps in existence today and was installed here in 1936. This pump is unusual because it uses no electrical power. It is driven by the force of a rising column of water supplied from an artesian well below. It pumps water to a cistern atop the adjacent water tower, which originally supplied the nearby group picnic shelter with water. The water outflow maintains the level of the swamp and provides a suitable micro-environment for the palmettos and other flora.

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