Bayou Bound and traipsing through Texas Hill Country, 2008 travel blog

My RV barely visible through the trees at our campsite

This is where we spent most of the time

Cypress and swamps

A view from our deck



A favorite past time

Who's the boss?

In alligator-infested waters, no less

Armadillo feeding

It froze on seeing us

Checking us out from 4 feet away

A hawk, within 5 feet of us, looks for a meal

How to spend a vacation

So restful

After completing the Creole Nature Trail we drove through LaFayette's narrow streets and heavy traffic. It took forever to clear the area and get to our destination - Lake Fausse Pointe State Park and the swamp. This, by far, is the best park we have stayed in. It has a tropical setting and our site, like all sites facing the bayou, has its own deck. We spent a whole day just watching the wildlife and crazy humans canoe the alligator-infested waters.

We observed alligators cruise the bayou, drifting on the surface. When boats came by, they just dipped out of sight in the murky waters till the boats paddled by. Then slowly resurfaced without so much as a ripple. You couldn't pay me to canoe down these bayous!

Walking among the armadillos was next on the agenda, so one evening we headed for Armadillo Ridge where we saw several of them rustling in the leaf litter. We would have hiked further into the forest but the ridge was swarming with mosquitoes among other biting insects. Inspite of the heavy application of repellant I was badly bitten. This hastened our retreat.

At nightfall some of the trees at our campsite were twinkling with fireflies, adding their light show to the forest chorus. It was sheer enchantment spending the balmy nights on the deck immersed in the bayou's magical production.

I can very happily report that the bayous I visited far exceeded my expectations.

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