Bayou Bound and traipsing through Texas Hill Country, 2008 travel blog

Sugan cane field

Downtown Beaux Bridge

Another above-ground cemetery

Home on the bayou

Life revolves around the water

Interesting design on this home

Oak lined avenue

Bridge over the Bayou Teche

downtown New Iberia

Shadows-on-the-Teche historic home

Spanish moss drapes the oaks

Bayou Teche, the French Cajun scenic byway, covers 125 miles and follows the bayou. This scenic route is off the beaten path and a little wild with its lush vegetation and hauntingly beautiful moss-draped oaks. Some giant oaks with 150-foot reach, trail moss sometimes a yard below the branches. Meandering through the semi-tropical land, it is a journey into the geographical heart of Acadiana. Glimpses are caught of opulent Greek Revival mansions, a result of the "sugar money" - wealth derived from sugarcane - the area’s most abundant crop. We saw acres of sugarcane under cultivation.

In the small villages and towns that have built up along the bayou, the authentic and uncorrupted dialect of the Cajun people can be heard.

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