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Driving through downtown Williams. One of the last surviving towns on Route...

A little further down the street.

Cruisers Cafe 66 sign.

Shooting the cafe through the side window as we pulled out of...

A coal train rides along the tracks as we drive along the...

The scenery on the way back to Flagstaff.

Tom gets a call from work as we head toward the Freighliner...

We are almost there. Shots of the mountains in the background.

We turn left at the light ahead and follow the frontage road...

Pulling into the shop. We spent time watching Gunsmoke and Bonanaza while...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kaibab Forest

Meet Up with Swindlings

We pulled out of Williams this morning around 8:30 in time to get to Flagstaff by 10:00 for our appointment. The drive was pretty. We waited in the RV for a little while until someone was able to come out and look things over then it was into the waiting room for a while. There was another truck driver in there too. He was kind and gave us the remote but some of those old shows were on and they were better than other things that were probably on TV so we watched some Beverly Hillbillies, Gunsmoke and Bonanza. Once things were finished at the Freightliner shop we headed north toward Kaibab Forest to meet up with Swindlings.

We thought we had gone further than we should have so we called Rick and Vickie. Rick said he would take the van out to the main road and wait for us. As it turned out, we had passed an air museum but not he airport as of yet so we were OK. We hadn't gone too far afterall. When we spotted them, we followed them right to the campsite. There are spaces to boondock on the south side of the canyon and it's free.

We went to dinner across the road then spent the rest of the evening visiting while sitting around their camp fireplace and getting ready for our hike tomorrow in the Canyon.

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