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The group at the top of the trail as we get ready...

A shot of the canyon as we head down the trail.

Tom takes a shot of the group a the first tunnel. Rick...

I think the sign says it all.

The trail leaders would bring the mule teams to this point then...

Another team passes so all hikers are to stand to the inside...

A scenic view. You can see the trail below in the middle...

A picture of Rick taking pictures.

This is the valley we were hiking down into. You can see...

We're getting down there a little bit at a time.


You can get an idea for the width of the trail in...

If you look closely, you can see the black California Condor flying...

I like the way sun streams down in this shot.

Stepping aside again for the mule team.


Rick got a shot of Tom and I along the trail.

Rick, Ricky and Jonathan with the trail behind them.

A shot of Tom with the canyon in the background.

All the guys.

Rick has already made the next turn and is heading down the...

Jonathan, Rick and Ricky head down the trail.


Another shot of the trail. The point we stopped is around the...


Rick, Deb and Jonathan are getting close to the rest stop. The...

Meeting up with Vickie and Ricky.

Deb and Jonathan at the rest stop. Hope those doors don't open!

Waiting in line.

The Smythe clan.

Hiker Jonathan!


We've had lunch, rested awhile and are ready to head back up....

Our first rest stop on the way back up. It was hot...

A rest stop with a beautiful view. They all had a beautiful...

Two thirds the way to the top. Another shady rest stop.

Another great shot of Jonathan.


A shot of Deb. She still has a smile on her face.

California Condor close-up.

We're getting close to the top.

The building in the background is where the trail ends. Tom takes...


Time to replenish some of those carbs depleted today!

Jonathan chills out after his shower by playing a little bit on...

Tom relaxes in his lawn chair with a nice cold drink! I...

Friday, May 30, 2008.

Kaibab Forest

Grand Canyon Hike

We got up and got ready then left the campsite around 8:00. When we arrived at the Grand Canyon, we headed for Bright Angel Trail. We had someone take our picture at the top of the trail by the trail sign and figured we would do the same when we got back up. I wondered what we'd look like at the end of the day.

As we headed down, we kept having to move to the side for the mules to pass. Now that's the way to head down to the bottom! Let the animals do all the work. The hike down went well over all. Vickie hit a point where she needed to hurry so she could make it to the ladies latrine before she had an accident so her and Ricky picked up their pace and the rest of us met them down there shortly after. We reached he rest stop at the 1 1/2 mile mark around 11:00. We had lunch and then evaluated. It was decided that this would be a good turn around point so that's what we did. We rested for a little while then headed back up.

We stopped fairly often to rest. Ricky and Rick were having a bit of a tough time but it worked out well because I think we would have been in worse shape if we hadn't stopped as often as we did. Jonathan was getting a little impatient though. He just wanted to get to the top and be done at one point. He was tired.

When we finished, we had someone take our picture again at the top of the trail. We all looked a lot better than I had anticipated so that was good. We decided at one point on the way back up that we weren't cooking. It was going to be Wendy's for dinner so that's where we headed after getting things packed back up in the car.

When we got back to camp, everybody relaxed and just did whatever they felt like doing for a while. Jonathan asked if Ricky could spend the night so that's how the boys ended the evening. They were both out like lights.

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