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Golden Gate Bridge

Claire and Majella at Pier 39

Our first day in San Francisco - I've had a brilliant day. We slept in late as we were tired after our long day yesterday. Because we crossed the international date line I think we calculated that our Saturday lasted for 42 hours! The hostel gives free breakfast which is handy - it's an American style breakfast though - bagels with apple or grape jelly. I thought jelly was just what they called jam but it's actually different - it really does have a jelly like consistency! It still tastes good though.

The weather was perfect today - bright blue skies and probably about 20 degrees. We headed down to Fisherman's wharf which was an easy stroll from the hostel. Normally it would probably take us half an hour to get to Pier 39 (the main touristy pier) but today it took us at least 2 hours - there were lots of cool shops along the way that we just had to pop into. We went into a big shop/pharmacy called Walgreens - the drugs they sell off the shelf here are amazing. You can buy jars of 1000 panadol/aspirin/neurofen for under $20. I'm not sure what you'd do with that many tablets though. You can also buy sleeping tablets etc straight off the shelf! It was all very odd :)

After wandering around all of the shops we stopped by pier 41 and booked ourselves in for a tour of Alcatraz on Tuesday - should be good. We stopped at a little food stand and bought chili dogs for lunch - yummy but messy! And then Majella and Claire treated me to some delicious Ben and Jerry's Ice-cream for my birthday - it was really yummy! It was getting quite late in the day at this stage so we started wandering back to the hostel. On the way we walked past a lot of market stalls - I ended up buying a nice sterling silver bracelet and a couple of really cool San Francisco prints - don't think they'll fit in my backpack though so I'll have to post them home!

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