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Tegucigalpa street

Facade of church

Chart is too short for Peter (197cm tall)


Towards the rougher part of town

A castle??

Bridge over a dirty river

Chicken bus cemetary?



Peter, Yat and Anna

Peter, Yat, and Anna

Crumbly building


Central Park at night

Alarm clock rang slightly too late, but still managed to get all things packed and even made the very early boat at 6:20am to get back to the mainland. After some catnapping and general dopey expressions, woke up in time to see the approach of landform, signalling the end of my island visit. This also ends my time with my Finnish "Bus Sister" Anna, who decided to travel down to Nicaragua the more adventurous way with someone with lots of vacancies in his minivan.

Shared taxi with Jo, and Terri - an American girl who also needed to get to Tegucigalpa and arrived at the bus terminal well ahead of the 9am bus. Whilst waiting for Jo to come out of the toilet, spotted a red t-shirted torso through the ticket office window. This could only mean my 6ft7 (197cm) tall German friend Peter. This was shortly confirmed by Chris, who strolled past on way to stock up some ration. Horray! More friends to endure the 6 hours journey!!

After a quick breakfast (typical Central American breakfast, but minus the gallo pinto) was even more happy to bump into Anna - who decided at the last minute that she preferred my company than with the whiskered American man. Oh great! We do end up being Bus Sisters afterall!!! Wo-hoo!! Certainly helped with the long ride back to the capital, where we all planned to spend a night before heading into Nicaragua. Lots of giggles, pringles crunching (how can I resist when finally having found a packet of BBQ flavoured tube, previously unseen so far in Central America??), knees-digging-back-massages, testing out the science that sound travels better through solids by having a conversation through a chair, and anaylising the advantages and disadvantages of being tall, we arrived into the capital city which I had once been scared of, but ended up spending two nights in, and which strikes me as a faded and crummier version of Prague. Have to say, we arrived more or less on schedule, and did not take the 8 hours as my trip to La Ceiba took.

This gave us plenty of time to walk around the city, wandering up and down market stalls filled streets, coming face to face with various churches and cathedrals - all beautifully (though poorly maintained) decorated. Though Anna, Chris and Peter could all only handle a short spell in the city, I was very happy to be given the opportunity to take lots of pictures of the various forms and buildings which interested me. No matter how adaptable I regard myself, I am a city girl at heart!

The city centre of Tegucigalpa and the neighbouring Comayaguela are connected by a series of bridges over the Rio Choluteca. This forms the continuous sprawl of market stalls and vendors. The best thing about this is you can find many many interesting and delicious things to eat - instantly! So cheap and delicious!!

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