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Update Orchard Ranch RV Park 6_30_2008

We left home on Saturday June 28th for a month stay at Orchard Ranch RV Resort in Dewey, AZ. Dewey is located on AZ Highway 69 just south of Prescott Valley. Close enough to stores and a mall for the "esentials".

When we left Sun City West we went through our checklist: turn off mail, phone, newspaper, ice maker, water to washer, water heater and raise AC to 88 degrees. It was hot when we pulled away from our home , 92 degrees at 8:30 a.m. As we headed north toward Flagstaff on AZ Highway 17 the temperature started droping a little until it reached 83 degrees at Orchard Ranch at 10:30 a.m. After check in we arrived at space 142. This will be our home until July 28th.

We split the set up duties, Garry took the outside jobs and Judy took the inside jobs. Garry got the easier of the jobs. We didn't realize how much stuff we put in the trailer because we didn't want to forget anything at home. The lesson here is a bigger trailer holds alot more stuff and it takes alot longer to get it put away. When I packed the trailer at home I just got it in the trailer. Judy's strong suite is adjusting every thing until each thing is in it's proper space. Her method takes alot longer than my "method" but the advantage is that you can find stuff when she is done.

It took along time for the ac to cool the trailer down to a comfortable temperature of 79 degrees. As night rolled in we were exhausted and ready for a good nights sleep.

On Sunday June 29th we had our first overnight guests. Judy's daughter Kerry drove up from Coolidge with Sara (4 this month) and Austin (5 in September). After unpacking we headed for the childrens hour in the pool area from 5-6 p.m. We had alot of fun in the water and it really cooled us all down. Two rabbits layed in the grass area around the pool and just looked at us like we were interupting their meal. They showed no fear of humans and the kids really enjoyed seeing them up close and personal.

We returned to the RV and Garry went to work slaving over a hot BBQ while Judy got the rest of the meal ready in the cool trailer. After dinner we set up the sofa bed and put a movie in the DVD player. Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was still good after quite a few years since I last watched it.

Monday we awoke to the smell of fresh coffee as Garry was the first one up. After a nice relaxed breakfast Judy, Kerry and the kids headed for some shopping in town before noon. They came back for me about 12 and we all headed to Red Robin for a light lunch before we made the required visit to Walmart. We returned to the trailer and the kids went down for a 2 hour nap before heading down the hill to home.

We have been smelling the smoke from a 4000 acre fire near Crown King, AZ that is located just south of Prescott in a very remote former mining town. The ash and smoke is blowing this direction and we can see and smell the smoke. Two hikers got lost and set a signal fire in prime pine and fir forrest area. I guess they were found by firefighters responding to the fire line.

The day time temps have been in the mid 90's and drop to the low 60's at night.

In the days ahead we will attend the Prescott Frontier Days and Rodeo over the Fourth of July week.

Wednesday July 2, 2008 This is our first opportunity to try out the wifi system at the Orchard Ranch rec center. We brought both laptops and they both connected just fine. YEA!

On the tv news this morning the fire near Crown King has grown to 7,000 acres and they only have 5% containment. The eastern edge of the fire came within 1/4 mile of the Old Mill Restaurant where we have eaten a couple of years ago. The fire is now 20 miles west of where we are camped. We had a real downpour yesterday afternoon about 2:30 p.m. I hope some of the rain helped the firefighters.

I have been having such a good time going to the pool and taking afternoon naps that I was surprised when I checked the holding tank monitors and discovered that the black tank and one of the grey water tanks were full! I got out early this morning and made the connection to the sewer. So far nothing has broken or fell off of the trailer. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I did find a couple of things I am ordering out of the Camping World catalog to help stabilize the trailer. One item goes under the trailer king pin and helps support the front of the trailer. The other item is a vent cushion and will help insulate the bathroom vent from the hot afternoon sun. It has been 96 degrees during the day and cooling down to 61 degrees at night.

My final job each night before I get ready for bed is to take PeeWee out for his last pee. When I brought him out of the trailer door last night the hair on his neck stood up and he was pulling at the lead. I assumed he had seen a cat or some such small animal. Suddenly from the darkness a neighbor steps out and said "hey mister, what ever you do make sure you don't let your dog loose right now because 6 Javelina just went through here." He had been enjoying the night sitting on his porch and heard some rusteling in the tree leaves just below his deck.

Never a dull moment.

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