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Hail July 3, 2008

Rainy day July 3, 2008

July 3rd we spent the morning cleaning up the trailer and then went to the pool for 2 hours. We met several new friends today at the pool. One guy I met was a retired firefighter from Phoenix. He put in 30 years and has been retired 22 years. My new hero!

Judy had seen a poster for MahJong players at the rec center and went to see if she could find someone to teach her how to play. She has played the computer version but when she came back she said that the in person version was really different. She is going to have to learn a new language to play this game.

While she was gone the sky darkened up in one of our summer Monsoon storms. I decided to sit out under the canopy and enjoy the rain. After 10 minutes of thunder, lightning and rain it began to hail. I have attached a couple of pictures of the storm. Some of the hail was as big as black olives! People were covering their cars with blankets to prevent damage to the paint. The wind really picked up to 30 mph gusts so I decided to put the canopy away before we lost it to the wind.

Later that afternoon we went to town and rented two movies at Blockbuster on a gift card we got at Christmas. Fools Gold and Drillbit Taylor. Both movies could have been condensed down to the highlights we had seen on tv. We rated both at one box of popcorn on a scale of 5 boxes.

Tomorrow the park is having a patriotic parade and a BBQ near the pool.

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