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This morning PeeWee and I took our morning 6am walk. We walk down to the Rec Center to get a news paper and we both enjoy the clear morning air and the cool temperatures (67 degrees). About half way back to the trailer we saw a road runner bird running for his life as a group of five small birds were attacking him for whatever he had in his mouth. It looked like a small mouse or a lizard. I could clearly see a tail of some sort hanging from his mouth. This park is full of wild life and I don't mean the rv'ers. We have Robins and Finch outside our big window every morning. The Javalina didn't make an appearance last night even though PeeWee and I staked out the picnic table with my trusty 5 cell police flashlight just in case they wanted a piece of me or PeeWee. The Phoenix paper had a story about a Scottsdale man getting bit by a sow Javalina on the back of the leg. I guess he wasn't as fast as he thought he was. LOL

We had rainstorms all day today. The rain let up for a while just long enough for the parade to pass by our trailer. About 12 golf carts, several motorcycles, bicycles and ATVs went by all decorated with flags and patriotic bunting. Because the rain started up really heavy we didn't make it to the BBQ. I fixed hamburgers on the grill later when the rain let up.

Its about 6:30 p.m. and we brought our computers to the rec center to check email and update the travel journal. The space where we set up the computer to use the wifi is in a multi-purpose room. Turns our that a church group uses the room on Friday nights. They are a group of about 15 people and right now they are singing gospels to a karoke machine. we have been invited to sing-a-long but we are going to pass. We might take advantage of the home made ice cream if they offer that again. LOL

It is really hard for me to realize that I have been retired one month. So far I have not missed work one bit.

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