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July 9 2008- Today we went to visit our friend Helen Long in Chino Valley. She and her son Robby have built a huge shop, tack room and fenced in the entire 2 1/2 acres. They have 4 house dogs, 3 parakeets, 1 parrot that talks, 3 mules, a bantam rooster and some hunting dogs. Robby has a hunting guide business and has several mounted animals in the living room. The black bear was a near record and was featured in a outdoor magazine. We had a nice visit with Helen and will see her and Robby again when Judy and Jerry Cannon come up here in a week or so.

On the way home from Helen's we stopped at the Walgreen's in Prescott Valley for two refills that I had requested online yesterday. At the pharmacy register the clerk said "that will be $40 sir". I had been taking this medicine for several years and had never paid that much for the two prescriptions. I asked how much they would be if I didn't use my health insurance co-pay. She went to the manager and came back with a list of generic medicines that were $4 for a 30 day supply. Mine were 90 day refills so they came to $12 each without the insurance. We will always ask if there is a price break in the future. We knew that WalMart had this type of program but now I guess alot of pharmacy's are copying WallyWorld.

Tomorrow, July 10th we will go to Cottonwood so Judy can get a blood test at the lab there. It will be a fun drive (38miles) and we will go through the old mining town of Jerome either on the way to Cottonwood or on the way back here. From here it is a very, very steep and winding road so we will take the freeway one way and the winding road the other direction. We will have some pictures of Jerome for the next update.

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