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The little big top

Friday July 11th began with an overcast sky and a welcome breeze. After PeeWee and I finished our morning walk I washed the front of the fifth wheel to get the bugs off that we accumulated on the trip up here. I should have gotten them off on the day after we arrived because the sun had baked them on the trailer skin and it took alot of scrubbing to get them all off. I couldn't reach all of them up near the top of the trailer so I backed up my green Chevrolet "ladder" and stood in the pickup bed to get the last few piles of smashed bugs.

The next job of the day was to drain the holding tanks into the park sewer hookup. We have enjoyed being extravant with the water for dish washing and showers. When we move up to Canyon Point on July 28th to August 11th we will have to be really conservative with the amout of water we use. We won't be hooked into fresh water or a sewer. When the fresh tank gets empty and the holding tanks get full we will have to pull the trailer up near the park entrance to the dump station. We should only have to do this once during the two week stay.

The Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus was in town at the Prescott Valley Arena. The arena seats 6,500 for ice hockey and the arena football team. The set up for the circus took away one end of the arena so my estimate of the size of the crowd was about 4,500. We went early and got seats for $11.50 ea. Once inside we could see that there was only one "ring" to the circus.

This version was the Gold Tour. A sized down version of the big circus that plays to smaller arenas and towns. It was Ringling Bros, etc but just downsized. The acts were three performing elephants, six white tigers, a high wire act with three performers in death defying feats, several performers on ropes and rings and an excellent clown with a bike act. We enjoyed the performance and it was a pleasant surprise for this small town to host an event like this. We bought some cotton candy for old time sake.

On Saturday the 12th we plan to go to a pioneer museum in Prescott if it doesn't rain too hard. There will be docents in period costumes and indian artists working in a courtyard out of doors.

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