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Women showing us how they make the pottery

Pottery piece straight after being glazed

Bala Bala carving outside village

Beach along the Coral Coast

I had a very early start today - the bus picked me up at 7.30am! We then went and picked up everyone else and headed to another village called Lewai. This village was way more modern than the other one - it didn't look modern from the outside but we were told that all of the houses had tv etc. To welcome us into the village the villagers did a kava cermony. Kava is made out of the ground up root of a plant and seems to be substitute for alcohol over here. I was looking forward to trying it. Basically the cermony went as follows; someone comes over and hands you a bowl of kava, you clap once before you take the bowl, take the bowl, say BULA, drink all of the kava in one go, then clap 3 times. The Kava looked and tasted like dirty water - and it made my tounge go numb! We only got to have a couple of bowls so I didn't get to feel any other of the effects - apparently it just makes you feel very slow and tired.

After the Kava cermony the women showed us how they made pottery teapots and beads. It was very interesting - they didn't use a pottery wheel so the make the teapots they hand made two bowls and then stuck them together. The pieces were baked over an open fire rather than a kiln and then were taken straight out of the fire and glazed with eucalyptus sap - you could see the steam rising off the pot as the eucalyptus sap was being put on it.

After we left the village we headed for Suva - we got there late evening and stayed in a place called Colonial Lodge. It was a hostel run by a family and was very run down. I got lucky though and managed to get in the best room which had a great shower just off it - even had hot water! We went out for a group dinner and then went to the Irish pub next door. Somehow our tour guide had forgotten to mention that it was a gay bar though - very dodgy! I didn't stay out for long though as I wasn't in the mood for a big night drinking - so I was home by about 11.

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