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The Waterfall we walked to through the rainforest


Cool tree I saw in the rainforest

Wild Pineapple

Nanai-ru Island

Nanai-ru Island

Leaving Nanai-ru Island by boat

The Feejee Experience Bus

Today was a long day on the bus. We were basically on the bus from 8am until 6.30pm with only a couple of hours break. Our break was good though - we went on a walk through the rainforest to a waterfall. It was about an hours walk altogether - the first half an hour was a bit of a killer though - it was all uphill plus it was really hot and sticky! There were lots of mosquitos around as well. The best parts of the walk were when we had to wade through rivers :) The waterfall itself was beautiful - though icy cold. I saw lots of cool stuff while we were walking - wild coffee beans, bananas and pineapples!

After our walk it was back on the bus again as we headed for Nanai-ru island. We were hoping to get there before sunset but that didn't happen. It was nearly dark when we got to Ellington Wharf. As the bus pulled up we saw a big ferry at the wharf - so I thought the bus was going to pull into it. We were told to get out of the bus so then I thought that we were obviously walking onto the ferry with our bags. Instead though we were directed to 4 little tin boats! All of our backpacks were dumped in one and then we climbed into the rest. We were told to put on our life jackets in case we sank (that just filled me with confidence) and then we were off! There were about 16 people in my boat and the stars were out by the time we set off. It was great. I looked up and saw millions of stars - they were as clear as they had been that night at Lake Tekapo. It took about 20 minutes to get to the island. There was no jetty at the island so the boats just pulled up near the beach and we had to hop out - I'm glad I was wearing a short skirt!

After dinner I wandered along the beach for a while - it was so quiet and peaceful - no-one else was out there and the stars were beautiful. It was a lovely night.

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